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The Medicinal Plant : Devil's Claw 

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                 Devil's claw is very popular in the homeopathic industry.  The two ingredients in Devil's

                 Claw are Harpagoside and Beta sitoseterol which possess anti-inflammatory properties.

                 The British herbal Pharmacopoeia recognizes Devil's claw as having analgesic, sedative

                 and diuretic properties.

                 Devil's Claw is a South african plant whose name is derived from the fruits which

                 resemble miniature grappling hooks.  It has been used as an herbal tea ingredient in

                 Europe, a folk remedy in Africa and is increasing its foothold in the United States health

                 food marketplace.

                 The health benefits of Devil's Claw

                 Devil's claw is recommended for treating diseases of the liver, kidneys and bladder.  It is

                 effective in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism.  It also helps to alleviate joint,

                 ligament and tendon problems and assists in the improvement of vitality in the joints.

                 Devil's Claw stimulates appetite and aids digestion, and promotes reduction of

                 abnormally high cholesterol and uric-acid blood levels.


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