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The Medicinal Plant: Buchu 

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                   Buchu is considered an extremely safe herb which contains "barosma camphor" and

                   other volatile oils which account for its mild anti-septic activity. Buchu is an effective

                   medicinal herbal product.  Buchu imparts a pleasant peppermint-like flavour.  The

                   Hottentots (San) used it to perfume their bodies.

                   Buchu is a small shrub indigenous to the Cedarberg region of the Western Cape of

                   South Africa. The plant thrives on the cool mountain slopes at high altitudes.  The dried

                   leaves have long been used in Africa as a folk remedy for many known afflictions.

                   It became official medicine after 1821 in Britain and has been used as a remedy for  

                   cystitis and bladder problems.

                   The health benefits using Buchu

                   Buchu has diuretic and antiseptic benefits.  It assists in the treatment of chronic urinary

                  tract disorders such as inflammation of the urethra, blood in the urine, bladder

                 infections and cystitis.  It also assists in the treatment of kidney stones - promotes the

                  relief of rheumatism.

                  buchu herbal products should not be used by pregnant women and young children.


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