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               Vanilla is native to South America, with Mexico being the major producer

               way into the 18th century. While the vines grew and flowered in other

               countries they did not bear any fruit because native South American bees

               and humming birds were not there to pollinate them. Manual pollination has

               solved this problem.

               Today it is used widely in the food industry as flavouring, as well as in the

               cosmetic industry as one of the most potent perfumes.

               Vanilla was used by native South American Indians to add flavour to chocolate.

              Coetzee Natural Products regularly supplies the highest quality Gourmet Long

              Black Whole Beans in the length from 14 to 20 cm.   We also supply Split and

              Short Beans for Extraction.        

              You can also visit our Uganda website for more information about vanilla.






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