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Organic herbal tea: Greenbosch 

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                Greenbosch herbal health tea is a caffeine free tea and has similar properties to that of

                regular green tea.  Many of the flavanoids and anti-oxidant values in Greenbosch are

               considerably higher than in the fermented Rooibos tea, with levels of the various

                substances varying from between 2 to 40 times higher.  It has a light and smooth taste

                familiar to traditional green tea drinkers.

                Following the age old tradition of the Asian people, green Rooibos (unfermented rooibos

                tea) is produced in small batches straight from the field to the drying facilities.  This

                assists in preventing the rapid natural fermintation process that breaks down many

                anti-oxidants and flavandoids, e.g. aspalathin, which is unique to Rooibos.

                The health Benefits of Greenbosch tea

               Green Rooibos tea contains high anti-oxidant values of a powerful anti-oxidant that mimics

               super oxide dismutase (SOD) activity.  Green Rooibos tea also increased effectiveness of

               various therapeutic properties of Rooibos tea.  With its calming effect, Green Rooibos tea

               is a perfect relaxing drink.

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