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 The Spice: Fennel


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                Fennel is a yellowish to greenish brown plant.  It is the Dried, ripe fruit of the perennial

                Foeniculum vulgare.  The plant is tall and hardy and has finely divided, feathery, green

                foliage and golden yellow flowers.  The seeds are oval and formed in clusters after the

                flowers have died.  This clusters are harvested the harden.            

                Fennel is used in curry blends, Chinese spices, mirepoix and herbs de Provence.  Fennel

                is also ideal for flavoring fish, sausages, baked goods and liquors.

                Originally Fennel came from India, China, Egypt and Turkey.  This anise-like, licorice and

                menthol flavored herb is being used for after-dinner breath freshener.  It also helps in

                digestion and it is helpful in eyesight.

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