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South African Rooibos tea Distributors


               Established in Cape Town, South Africa during 1996, Coetzee & Coetzee  

                is owned by the Coetzee family and managed by Niell Coetzee.

               With their family roots lying solidly in the rooibos tea industry since

               the 1960's  together with their vast knowledge of organic and conventional herb

               argriculture, they decided to market rooibos tea and other organic and conventional

               South African herbal products internationally.

               Operating from the Western Cape region, which is perfectly suited to the growing

              of herbs and teas, Coetzee & Coetzee have contracted farmers from all

               over this region.   The family now handle 10% of the national tea production and

               offer a wide,  superior range of both conventional and organic South African herbal

               products.  They are actively involved with the farmers and are continuously busy

               with the development of new products for organic cultivation in South Africa.


               We strive to have a positive impact on suppliers and customers lives, by our work

               ethics innovation and vision for developing african products and improving the

               livelihood off people we are involved with.


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